Refrigerator Compressor Start Relay Clicking

Refrigerator Compressor Start Relay Clicking. One of the first troubleshooting methods you should use is determining whether or not the refrigerator is cooling properly. The start relay provides power to the compressor.

QP233 Refrigerator Freezer Compressor Start Relay PTC 33Ω
QP233 Refrigerator Freezer Compressor Start Relay PTC 33Ω from

To know more about compressor check, click here. Refrigerator clicking is caused by one of a few reasons. I removed the start relay, and i can hear it rattle.

But If The Clicking Noise Comes Repeatedly, With An Interval Of Two Minutes Between Each Noise, The Start Relay Is Faulty And Needs A Replacement.

Signs and symptoms of a bad start relay on a refrigerator | hunker Refrigerator compressor start relay clicking. When heated the metal warps and breaks the circuit to the compressor if your compressor is good, you’ll hear a click when it starts and you’ll hear it click when it goes off.

If Your Refrigerator Has Stopped Cooling Entirely And You Hear A Clicking Sound Every Two To Five Minutes, Then Your Compressor Is Not Turning On.

Assuming a malfunctioning start relay is the issue, the. How to test the start relay: After about 10 seconds, there's a loud click.

Another Sign Of A Bad Relay Is A Clicking.

But if the start relay has severe damage, you won’t hear it at all. You can tell that the start relay is bad if the fridge won’t cool or the relay makes a clicking noise. Another sign of a bad relay is a clicking noise from the compressor.

It May Be Caused By The Condenser Coils, The Compressor, The Start Relay, Or The Condenser Fan.

In some cases, the compressor won’t start at all. Another sign of a bad relay is a clicking noise from the compressor. Learn to test the start relay of the.

Shake Your Fridge And Listen For A Rattling Sound That Indicates That Your Start Relay Is Bad.

About 1 minute later, there's another loud click, and the compressor comes on. Power is applied to the compressor motor windings through the overload device, and the relay is used to add the start winding in the circuit until the compressor is at running speed. I could hear the fan running but there was no sound from the compressor and no clicking sound like i've seen described on other threads for a bad relay.

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