How To Turn On Gas Fireplace With Floor Key

How To Turn On Gas Fireplace With Floor Key. We have a gas fireplace that does not have a pilot. This will depend on the type of gas fireplace you have.

Gas Starter Fireplace Key Won't Turn Valve HouseRepairTalk
Gas Starter Fireplace Key Won't Turn Valve HouseRepairTalk from

This also will ensure that when you turn on your gas, you're in close proximity of the fireplace to quickly light it. While jiggling it you will feel it get locked. Stack exchange network consists of 178 q&a communities including stack overflow,.

Sometimes, It’s Right On The Floor.

(you can also use a. As a result of the remodel, the key to turn on the gas is now inside the closet. This allows you to quickly be able to turn off the gas in case of an emergency.

This Will Release Gas Into The Fireplace, Causing The Pilot Light To Ignite.

Insert the key end to the keyhole. ***don't turn the gas on first. Our 13 year old home was built with a pretty basic marco fireplace.

Lighting With A Gas Fireplace.

If your gas fireplace won’t turn on, follow these steps. Always have it inspected first! We put a lit match in the fireplace and than turn the key in the wall to turn the gas on.

While Jiggling It You Will Feel It Get Locked.

You will control the gas flow with a fireplace key (sometimes called a hex key) as you light the fireplace. If you smell any gas, quickly open the window to air the room out, if there is a strong gas smell then exit the home and call the fire department. Once the pilot is on and working in good order, the fireplace should turn on at the flick of the switch or via remote.

The Home Builder Included A Hearthmaster Gas Log Lighter, Along With A Hearthmaster Key And Gas Valve Which Is Mounted On The Wall.

You’ll either need a long lighter or match for this next step. Typically, the gas valve for a fireplace is found on the control panel. The property inspector showed me what to do during his walkabout inspection.

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